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Home-School Connection Dear Family Member: I m reading Masks! Masks! Masks! in class this week. Masks hide your face so you can have fun and act out a story. That s the main idea. People use masks all over the world. A mask can be funny or look like an animal. Those are some of the details that I read. This Week s Skills Comprehension: main idea and details Phonics: the sound of ch, tch, and wh Word Workout WORDS TO KNOW soon every from your people into Two in One! Make up a sentence for each word. Maybe you can use two of the words in one sentence! SPELLING WORDS catch match chin chop whip whale Sort the Words Let s fold a piece of lined paper in three. Write ch, tch, and wh at the top of each third. Then write your spelling words under the correct letters. Add a word that begins or ends with the same letters to the three lists. Spelling: words with ch, tch, and wh Name (fold here) 191

Whitney s Favorite Animal Whitney went to the zoo with her dad. Which animal did Whitney like best? We can find out by coloring the puzzle. Let s use orange for the spaces showing what lives at a zoo. Let s use brown for the other spaces. In the space below, draw something else Whitney may have seen at the zoo. 192

Conexión con el hogar Ejercicio de palabras PALABRAS DE VOCABULARIO soon every from your people into Dos en una! Haz una oración para cada palabra. Quizás puedas usar dos de las palabras en una oración! PALABRAS DE ORTOGRAFÍA catch match chin chop whip whale Queridos familiares: Estoy leyendo Masks! Masks! Masks! en clase esta semana. Las máscaras esconden tu cara, por lo que puedes divertirte y actuar en un cuento. Esta es la idea principal. La gente usa máscaras en todo el mundo. Una máscara puede ser divertida o parecerse a un animal. Estos son algunos de los detalles que estoy leyendo. Destrezas de la semana Comprensión: idea principal y detalles Fonética: los sonidos de ch, tch, y wh Ortografía: palabras con ch, tch y wh Nombre (fold here) Clasifica las palabras Doblemos una hoja de papel con renglones en tres partes. Escribe ch, tch y wh en la parte superior de cada mitad. Luego, escribe tus palabras de ortografía en la lista correcta. Agrega una palabra que comience o termine con las mismas letras. 193

El animal favorito de Whitney Whitney fue al zoológico con su padre. Qué animal le gustó más a Whitney? Podemos averiguarlo si coloreamos el rompecabezas. Usemos el color anaranjado para los espacios que representan a los animales que viven en el zoológico. Usemos el color marrón para los otros espacios. 194 que Whitney pudo haber visto en el zoológico. En el espacio de abajo, dibuja alguna otra cosa

24 The sun sets in the west. I can see pink and red. I had so much fun today! Such a Grand Day! by Anna Keyes Such a Grand Day!

18 The big sun is up at six. People stretch in bed and then get up. Let s check in with them. Such a Grand Day! Play a game of chess. Pitch and catch a ball. 23

22 Kids check the lunch case. Munch on fish and chips! Grab grapes and a sandwich! Whip up a batch of buns. I wish I had a hot baked bun. Yum! Which one can I pick? 19 Such a Grand Day!

20 Kids can take care of a pet. This dog gets some more fresh water. When will the dog get fed? Such a Grand Day! Kids chat in a bunch. There is a lot to tell. Did you make a graph in math? Don t be late for class! 21

Comprehension Check Retell Use the chart to tell a partner what the book is about. Use the pictures to help you. Detail Detail Detail Main Idea Think and Compare 1. Name two things you learned art can be made of. 2. Do you think it would be hard or easy to make art from ice? Why? 3. Why do people all over the world like to make art? 16 by Betsy Hebert What Is It Made Of?

2 Have you made art? Then you are an artist! Do you use paint, crayons, or chalk? What Is It Made Of? Art is made of many things. What do you use to make your art? 15

The pot goes into a kiln. This pot goes into a hot oven. Soon the clay gets hard. 14 You can make art with many things. You can use paint and paper. 3 What Is It Made Of?

This glass is very hot. Some people make art from glass. A hot fire makes the glass soft. The glass bends. 4 What Is It Made Of? This artist uses a potter s wheel to make a pot. Some artists make clay into pots. They spin the clay on a fast wheel. 13

Art can be made from clay. Clay is soft. Artists can make it into many shapes. This artist shapes the clay with a tool. 12 The artist makes a shape. When the glass cools, it gets hard again. What do you think this piece of glass art will be? 5 What Is It Made Of?

6 Some art is made from rock. The artist uses tools to cut the hard rock. This artist uses a tool to carve the rock. What Is It Made Of? The winter air is cold. When the air is warm, the ice and snow melt. Snow and ice start to melt if the temperature is above 32 degrees. 32 11

Ice is hard like rock. Artists use sharp tools to cut the ice. 10 The art does not look much like a rock now. What did the artist make? 7 What Is It Made Of?

Some people make art from snow and ice. Every part of the art is cold. These dinosaurs are made of snow! 8 What Is It Made Of? This artist uses a tool to shap e the snow. The snow is not hard. People can make many shapes in the snow. 9

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